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Why implement your CMDB in ServiceNow with QuickNexus?

At QuickNexus, we focus exclusively on the CMDB (Configuration Management Database) in ServiceNow.
As a result, with our experience, we have developed capability and expertise in building solutions to expand the capability of the ServiceNow Platform, leveraging the CMDB.

We work directly with ServiceNow Customers and Implementation Partners to enable them with capability specific to their CMDB implementations and CMDB enhancements by leveraging our CMDB Offerings.

QuickNexus CMDB OfferingsDownload the SOW

With more than sixty-five CMDB implementations completed, we know what our customers need and have packaged our CMDB Solutions into six CMDB Offerings. We deliver the CMDB Offerings via our CMDB Solutions as fixed priced projects with a fixed duration of six weeks.

Project Duration: 6 Weeks
Fixed Price for each Solution is $10,000
Select any three Solutions for $25,000

Our typical projects comprise of three Solutions, delivered over six weeks, aligned with our CMDB Offerings, detailed below.

A. CMDB Demystify OfferingSelect all 3 for $25K | Select any 1 for $10K
A.1. CMDB Training                        
A.2. CMDB Functional Assessment
A.3. CMDB Technical     Assessment      

B. CMDB Foundation OfferingSelect any 3 for $25K | Select any 1 for $10K
B.1. Logical CIs
B.2. Infrastructure CIs
B.3. CI Relationships
B.4. Data Normalization               
B.5. Process Alignment with     the CMDB
B.6. CMDB Support for ServiceNow Upgrade

C. CMDB Purge OfferingSelect all 3 for $25K | Select any 1 for $10K
C.1. CI Classes
C.2. CI Records
C.3. CI Relationships

D. Discovery OfferingSelect any 3 for $25K | Select any 1 for $10K
D.1. Discovery Setup
D.2. Service Mapping
D.3. Discovery of WMI Devices
D.4. Discovery of SSH Devices                
D.5. Discovery of SNMP Devices                
D.6. Discovery of Virtualized CIs and Software
D.7. Discovery of Application Instances
D.8. Discovery of AWS and Storage
D.9. Custom Probe                      

E. Configuration Management OfferingSelect any 3 for $25K | Select any 1 for $10K
E.1. Configuration Management Process Workshop
E.2. Configuration Planning and Management
E.3. Configuration Identification                
E.4. Configuration Control                
E.5. Configuration Status Accounting and Reporting
E.6. Configuration Verification and Audit

F. Asset Management OfferingSelect any 3 for $25K | Select any 1 for $10K
F.1. Hardware Asset Management Process Workshop
F.2. Hardware Asset Management Implementation
F.3. Hardware Asset and CI Synchronization
F.4. Software Asset Management Process Workshop
F.5. Software Asset Management Implementation
F.6. Software Licensing and Entitlement

Looking for a Time and Material CMDB Engagement instead?
T.1. 150 Hour Bundle for $25K
T.2. 50 Hour Bundle for $10K
T.3. Ad-hoc Hours for $250/hr

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